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Richard J. Reiffer

The Dark Ages (yes, before many of you were born!)

So here is the Richard Reiffer story!  In the beginning I was a system engineer for Burroughs (main frame – you may have to google that term) and I grew up with the original IBM PC and other geeky stuff!

In the mid 80’s I worked for a company called BusinessLand and during that time BusinessLand grew to be a $1.2B a year IT reseller (which would be about $2.8B today).  I was the central region system engineering manager so I was privileged to work with Steve Jobs when he rolled out the NeXT computer (that was his stints between Apple).

Trivalent Days

By 1991 we were having the “going out of BusinessLand” sale and that is when I formed Trivalent with my founding partner, Tom Hughes.  Over the years with the help of additional partners like Larry Andrus and Mike Noordyke, we grew the business to $25M.   By that time I was getting burnt out so I sold my stock to my partners and did other work for other tech companies across the nation.

GCC (Global Cloud Consulting)

I started GCC in 2012 to address helping managed service providers (IT tech companies) grow their business.  In the beginning I was focused on cloud delivery and helping them move from just a base managed service provider to a cloud service provider.

I also focused on helping the IT community with process and sales/marketing assistance.  I worked with and became certified with Gil Cargill’s Sales Leadership and with Leader Marketing.

In 2017 I was introduced to the book Traction® which covers the EOS® model by Gino Wickman and after much investigation I have become a registered EOS Implementer®.  The great part about EOS is that it works for ANY company.  Now 80% of the EOS market are companies with between 10-250 employees and between $2M and $50M in annual revenue (can be less if you are a pure service company).  Now that does not mean that it doesn’t work for smaller or larger companies, it’s just that demographic is the “sweet spot” where it is most effective.

To see a little bit more about my EOS journey jump to The EOS Model® to read more about why I believe that EOS is the one and only operating system for businesses!  So even though I am now focused on EOS the company name is staying the same so people can find me!

I hope I can be of service to your company to help you gain traction in your business!

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