Here are some goodies that I have either collected or created that are free for your use.    All I ask is that if you want to utilize portions of anything here that you ask my permission first and that I am able to contact you about my services, fair enough?

Great Goodies and freebies!

Bandwidth Calculator    

Now this little gem was created by Paul Marks and is free to distribute, however , don’t click on his link under help as his site is now inhabited by malware!

White Paper – Top Ten things you want in your backup contract! 

Are you sure that you have all of the clauses in your backup contract ?  If you are not sure, simply follow the “Click Here” button to download the document!  (By the way, if you are an IT Reseller, MSP, CSP or VAR you will really want this document!)

Have a goodie to share? Let us know!

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