Commissions a problem?

The Headaches of Commissions!

Do you have any of the following commission issues?

  • Spend way too much time on commissions every month!
  • Have sales reps that are constantly challenging your commissions!
  • Are your commission programs clear as mud?
  • Have to go back and make commission adjustments on a regular basis?
  • Can’t tell your sales staff what their commissions are until AFTER they have received their checks?

Commissions have been a headache especially under systems like ConnectWise and Autotask!   Their system are just not designed to handle even the simplest commissions.   What if you have any of the following?

  • Draws
  • Goals before bonus
  • Commission based on percentage profit
  • Bonus based upon goals
  • Tiered commissions
  • Split commissions
  • Different commissions based upon what is sold
  • Many others

Well, the bottom line is that you end up taking any of the sales, exporting the information to a spreadsheet and spend HOURS working them through and praying thay are correct and then only to have to spend more time explaining why something is different than what your reps are expecting! 

To this end I would like to introduce you to a company that solves this problem.  It has full integration with:

  • ConnectWise Manage and Sell
  • Autotask
  • QuickBooks and other accounting packages
  • Payroll services Like ADP

The bottom line is that it doesn’t cost a fortune!  Prices run about $22 per user per month (so for a sales staff of 8 it’s only $176 a month! – how much is your time worth?)

To find out more about this awesome commission system simply fill out the contact me form and I will refer you direct to the company that created this great system!

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